Here’s What Happiness Looks Like At 100 Years Old

Photographer Karsten Thormaehlen’s portraits make the aging process seem a whole lot cuter.

The German photographer captured beautiful close-up portraits of 100-year-old men and women as part of his Happy at 100 series. Just try to go through these and not say “awww!”

ID: 1045429

2. Erwin H., born in 1909

ID: 1044131

3. Margarethe D., born in 1911

ID: 1044119

4. Gustav W., born in 1910

ID: 1044134

5. Erika E., born in 1910

ID: 1044128

6. Werner H., born in 1911

ID: 1044226

7. Erna K., born in 1908

ID: 1044211

8. Lothar F., born in 1911

ID: 1044234

9. Kaetchen E., born in 1909

ID: 1044214

10. Wolf L., born in 1907

ID: 1044222

11. Paula K., born in 1911

ID: 1044219

For more portraits, make sure to visit Karsten’s website. And you can also own the beautiful book inspired by the series, Happy at Hundred.

Here’s hoping we all look this awesome at 100!

ID: 1045426

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