25 Funniest Passive-Aggressive Notes Of 2013

People had a lot of feels this year.

1. The note that even Helen Keller could see.

2. The note from a Dr. Seuss enthusiast.

3. The note that wouldn’t have been so terrifying if it weren’t for the caps lock…and the knife.

4. The note that changes with each passing day.

5. The cake note that comes with a dash of pressure.

Or a few dashes, really.

6. The note that got a lot of dehydrated responses.

7. The note that proves there are plenty of other desks in the sea.

8. The note from a romantic.

9. The note from a customer who left a generous tip.

10. The note from Snowball the Cat.


11. The note to people who apparently have no idea how to throw up.

12. The reply from a person who just wants to be single right now.

13. The note from a tenant who’s holding his rent hostage.

14. The replies from a couple of soup thieves.

15. The note from a talking mixer.

17. The note from Bon Jovi’s No. 1 fan.


18. Really?

19. The note written in ketchup blood.

21. The note written from prison.

22. The note that Martin Luther King inspired.

23. The “helpful” note.

24. The note from the best parents ever.

25. The note that is the beginning of the rest of your life.

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