26 Feelings You’ll Only Understand In College

Cup of Noodles is the best thing ever. Especially after drinking your weight in PBR.

1. The inevitability of wearing sweatpants to class every single day and giving zero effs.

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2. How bewitching a Cup of Noodles can be at 3 a.m.

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3. The sense of triumph that can only come after you’re covered in head-to-toe body paint.

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4. The fear that this bulletin board is actually directed at you. (And it probably is!)

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5. How experimenting with all of the options in the dining hall can make you feel like you’ve just won Top Chef.

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6. How despondent you become when there’s an 8 a.m. Friday class on your schedule.

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7. The camaraderie that comes from a mutual hatred of someone on your dorm floor.

Looking at you, guy who plays techno music through the night even though you’re the only one in there.

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8. The confusion when your clothes no longer fit, even though you’ve been living on that steady diet of beer and pizza all year.

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9. The stress on that first day of class when you’re asked to state your name, major, and an INTERESTING fact about yourself.

Interesting fact: I hate being put on the spot.

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10. The overwhelming satisfaction that comes when you can finally sleep after pulling an all-nighter.

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11. And the dread when you realize you have a paper due and didn’t bother to work on it.

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12. Surrendering to the fact that when you sell back your books, you’re going to be filled with rage.

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13. The humiliation of having to beg your parents for money so you can buy school clothes.

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14. Because you’re used to student discounts, you get irrationally angry when there aren’t any.

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15. Having to clean up after throwing a party, and feeling completely grossed out by what people are capable of.

I barfed in two sinks once. Not sure why. Just did it.

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16. Utilizing the little space your dorm room provides to take pride in your accomplishments.

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17. How utterly alone you can feel in the dorms, even though there are people around you at all times.

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18. The rage that only exists when you’re forced to share a bathroom with a million* other students.

More like 20, but it might as well be a zillion, really.

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19. How territorial you get about the laundry room when it’s the week before Thanksgiving and everyone is trying to use the machines.

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20. Being filled with irrepressible joy because you’ve created a drinking life hack.

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21. Feeling satisfied about a hangover, because that means you had a GREAT night.

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22. Knowing it’s a bad idea to date someone you live three doors down from, but justifying it because “you’re supposed to make mistakes” in college.

Via You know it’s a bad idea to [nsfw] someone you live three doors down from, but you justify it by saying you’re ‘supposed to make bad decisions at this age
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23. The importance of befriending that one dude on your floor with a microwave, since the communal one is hellish.

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24. Wanting to die a little when you realize you misspelled the professor’s name on the term paper. First and last.

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25. The exciting and terrifying thing that is trying to make new friends in your classes.

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26. And how confusing summer break can be, when you’re stuck at home and away from all your college friends.

Wait, being home isn’t as awesome as I thought it would be… take me back to the dorms!

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