21 Easy Ways To Make A Bachelorette Party Memorable

For the bride AND the bridesmaids.

1. Create custom T-shirts with the number of years you’ve known the bride, or the upcoming wedding date.

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2. Make everyone a survival kit for the weekend, and fill it with all the essentials!

Or you can also buy the kits here.

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3. Don’t forget the hangover kits too!

Buy a set of 20 here.

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4. Instead of a real tattoo, slap on these custom fake tats.

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5. If you’re going somewhere sunny, these personalized shades for just $6.95 go a long way.

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6. These custom gift box kits can also be handed out to guests and filled with whatever goodies you like.

Buy a bunch here.

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7. If you’re in need of a cool gift box favor, how about some customized creaseless hair ties?

Think they might come in handy the morning after…

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8. Or this super easy touch to regular nail polish with a DIY tag.

Full tag tutorial here.

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9. Bachelorette party games are a must, and you can print out your own scavenger hunt sheet from Etsy here.

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10. String a banner close to the bar or across a wall to make the party pop.

Create your own or buy a custom one here.

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11. Make sure that what you’re drinking comes with a little extra something.

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12. Whether you’re popping champagne or pouring out glasses of wine, it’s easy to stick on custom labels to personalize the drinks.

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13. Or if you’re looking for something slightly more permanent, opt for an engraved mason jar!

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14. A custom chalkboard sign is the perfect touch to add to wherever you’re staying.

You can buy one here, or DIY your own!

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15. And if your bachelorette destination is off the beaten path, add a touch of cute guidance.

Custom sign available here.

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16. These old fashioned paper straws add a pop of color, and you get 25 of them for $13.

ID: 3143016

17. Surprise the bride with her very own door sign!

This can double on the wedding day while she’s getting ready too!

ID: 3143078

18. You can DIY your own photobooth with these mugshot cards, and digital downloads of them are just $6.

ID: 3143083

19. You can also send the bride and bachelorette party home with custom glass charms.


And they’re just $4 each!

ID: 3143111

20. Choose a design theme that’s easy to DIY (like diamonds), and craft garland, food accents, and props for the party.

Check out the full tutorial here.

ID: 3143091

21. And an inexpensive option is to write on balloons in gold pen.

Each guest can write messages for the bride on them!

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