14 Compelling Reasons To Bring Back “The X-Files”

The show celebrated its 20th anniversary at Comic-Con, and based off of the fan reactions, we all want to believe in a reboot!

1. Because David Duchovny looks fierce in a suit.

Erin La Rosa
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2. Because Gillian Anderson’s eyes can change the world, one look at a time.

Erin La Rosa
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3. Because you miss getting the theme song caught in your head.

Erin La Rosa
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4. Because supernatural anything is awesome, and we need more of it.

Erin La Rosa
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5. Because we never got to see a Mulder and Scully sex scene.

Erin La Rosa
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6. Because sometimes it’s fun to go to bed and feel like you might be abducted.

Erin La Rosa
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7. Because we need new X-Files episodes to haunt our dreams.

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8. And more religious episodes that turn Mulder into a skeptic.

Erin La Rosa
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9. Because we seriously miss The Smoking Man.

Erin La Rosa
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10. Because we need something to watch on Friday nights.

Erin La Rosa
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11. Because this married couple bonded over their X-Files love 20 years ago.

Erin La Rosa
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12. Because … MULDER AND SCULLY.

Erin La Rosa
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Erin La Rosa
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14. Because Gillian Anderson told the Comic-Con audience that she’s down to do a third film.

The Associated Press / AP

More specifically, she said, “A film would be great.”

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Yeah, just tell me what Kickstarter I have to throw money at to make this happen.

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