28 Comic-Con Couples Who Totally Nailed This Cosplay Thing

These costumes took some serious work, and I am impressed!

1. Cyclops and Mystique understand the importance of posing in character.

Erin La Rosa
ID: 1391703

2. These Tetris pieces fit perfectly together.

ID: 1391934

3. The Tin Lady and Scarecrow upstaged the original film versions.

Erin La Rosa
ID: 1391737

4. The Doctor and his TARDIS went the extra mile with the homemade dress.

Erin La Rosa

Can this girl start an Etsy store, or something?!

ID: 1391743

5. Lady Sif and (Lady) Loki barely broke a sweat, even though they’re mid fight.

Erin La Rosa
ID: 1391735

6. Mystique and Emma Frost painted their love for X-Men on their faces.

Erin La Rosa
ID: 1391819

7. Harley Quinn and the Green Arrow are actually getting along for a change.

Erin La Rosa
ID: 1391717

8. Anyone shipping Lord Baelish and Melisandre?

These two are.

ID: 1391900

9. The Assassins Brotherhood came with knives that popped out of their hands … scary and awesome.

Erin La Rosa
ID: 1391754

10. Dalek’s attention to detail, matched with The Doctor’s screwdriver is perfection.

ID: 1391764

11. A Cobra Commander and Cobra Trooper teamed up to intimidate.

Erin La Rosa
ID: 1391774

12. Mary Poppins and Bert flew in for a visit!

Erin La Rosa
ID: 1391802

13. Chun-Li was all Street Fighter, while Cammy flaunted her signature side bum.

ID: 1391787

14. These Harajuku Sailor Galaxy Girls flashed their adorable peace signs.

ID: 1391789

15. The King and most importantly QUEEN of hearts looked positively regal.

Erin La Rosa
ID: 1391772

16. This steampunk duo looks ready for some epic safari.

Erin La Rosa
ID: 1391804

17. It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Catwoman and Batman, looking badass!

ID: 1391811

18. Bioshock, anyone?

Erin La Rosa

Behind that big helmet is Big Sister, accompanied by a Splicer.

ID: 1391808

19. Han Solo and the Mad Max version of Boba Fett got cozy, in a totally awesome way.

ID: 1392019

20. The winners for best horns go to Eridan and Kanaya from Homestuck.

Erin La Rosa
ID: 1391813

21. This Quarian couple from Mass Effect spared no expense in the weapon department.

Erin La Rosa

Dang, bro, you got the biggest gun around, huh?

ID: 1391816

22. Chell and GLaDOS came down to earth.

ID: 1391944

23. These two neo-steampunkers brought the 1880s back.

ID: 1391962

24. Lady Trekkies showed us the trouble with Tribbles.

ID: 1391966

25. Tonks and Sirius taught us Defense Against The Cosplay Arts.

ID: 1391983

26. Poison Ivy and The Joker … WHY SO SERIOUS?

ID: 1391988

27. The Twins from The Shining are actually the cutest freaks ever.

ID: 1392007

28. LEGO my Star Wars Eggo!

ID: 1392026

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