Celebs Demonstrate The Many And Varied Uses For Baguettes

Thanks to a new Tumblr called Baguette-me-nots, you’ll know exactly what to do with that loaf. It’s a little weird, not gonna lie.

1. Kristin Chenoweth shows us how to brush your teeth with a baguette.

2. Or you can sell them on Hollywood Boulevard, like Will Hines.

I’ve got the goods, so long as you’re not a cop…

Aside from being sketchy, you may know him best as the Fat Professor in the Very Mary-Kate series.

3. Wolverine* will kill you with his baguette claws.

*UCB performer Paul Welsh

4. Baby, you haven’t lived till you experience a deluxe baguette car wash!

You may know Andrea Rosen from the Stella TV series.

5. Jillian Bell was just crowned Miss Baguette 2013!

She’s previously been in Bridesmaids, Workaholics, and Partners.

6. Eugene Cordero and his real-life wife, Tricia McAlpin, just re-tied the knot with a baguette chariot!

They’re both UCB performers, actors, writers, and pretty adorable in general.

7. George Takei makes sure to buckle his baguette before takeoff.

8. Marcia Gay Harden uses baguettes as surrogate babies.

It’s kind of sad, actually. :(

9. Elaine Carroll takes her spa day with a hot baguette massage.

I’d expect nothing less from the creator and star of Very Mary-Kate.

10. SNL gal Kate McKinnon plays her cello with the help of a baguette bow.

11. And Ellie Kemper’s adding a little carb action to her smoothie.

12. Need more baguette in your life?

Go to the store, buy a baguette or your own, and check out the Tumblr.

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