Celebs Demonstrate The Many And Varied Uses For Baguettes

Thanks to a new Tumblr called Baguette-me-nots, you’ll know exactly what to do with that loaf. It’s a little weird, not gonna lie.

1. Kristin Chenoweth shows us how to brush your teeth with a baguette.

ID: 1202202

2. Or you can sell them on Hollywood Boulevard, like Will Hines.

I’ve got the goods, so long as you’re not a cop…

Aside from being sketchy, you may know him best as the Fat Professor in the Very Mary-Kate series.

ID: 1202197

3. Wolverine* will kill you with his baguette claws.

*UCB performer Paul Welsh

ID: 1202210

4. Baby, you haven’t lived till you experience a deluxe baguette car wash!

You may know Andrea Rosen from the Stella TV series.

ID: 1202213

5. Jillian Bell was just crowned Miss Baguette 2013!

She’s previously been in Bridesmaids, Workaholics, and Partners.

ID: 1202217

6. Eugene Cordero and his real-life wife, Tricia McAlpin, just re-tied the knot with a baguette chariot!

They’re both UCB performers, actors, writers, and pretty adorable in general.

ID: 1202218

7. George Takei makes sure to buckle his baguette before takeoff.

ID: 1202228

8. Marcia Gay Harden uses baguettes as surrogate babies.

It’s kind of sad, actually. :(

ID: 1202235

9. Elaine Carroll takes her spa day with a hot baguette massage.

I’d expect nothing less from the creator and star of Very Mary-Kate.

ID: 1202354

10. SNL gal Kate McKinnon plays her cello with the help of a baguette bow.

ID: 1203065

11. And Ellie Kemper’s adding a little carb action to her smoothie.

ID: 1202237

12. Need more baguette in your life?

Go to the store, buy a baguette or your own, and check out the Tumblr.

ID: 1203205

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