27 Brutally Honest License Plates

Wear your heart on your plate, that’s what I always say!

1. The plate that has something to say about your face.

ID: 1455159

2. The plate from a misanthrope.

ID: 1442252

3. The plate from someone who really just wants some peace and quiet, PLS.

ID: 1442260

4. The driver who no one should go near, ever.

ID: 1442265

5. The plate whose owner is probably cold and shivering somewhere.

ID: 1454825

6. The plate with a pretty great sense of humor.

ID: 1454908

7. The plate that a lot of creditors would like to get in touch with.

ID: 1454913

8. The plate that probably has some whips in the trunk.

ID: 1454918

9. The plate from a vampire who just happens to be at a blood drive … Convenient!

ID: 1455175

10. The plate that’s a little nuts.

ID: 1454924

11. The completely selfless plate.

ID: 1454944

12. The plate with a slightly ominous warning.

ID: 1454986

13. The plate that’s a total Regina George.

ID: 1442261

14. The plate from someone who has never spit.

ID: 1455073

15. The plate from someone who really only has one thing to say to you.

ID: 1455085

16. The plate that wants to know if you can pay for dinner this time?

ID: 1455093

17. The plate that’s watching you ALL THE TIME.

ID: 1455096

18. This plate that’s probably a little tipsy right now.

ID: 1455100

19. The newly single plate.

ID: 1455102

21. The plate that doesn’t need to explain their life choices to anyone!

Double exclamation point!!

ID: 1455158

22. The hearse that KNOWS WHERE YOU LIVE.

ID: 1455186

23. The plate that’s not allowed within 500 feet of playgrounds.

ID: 1455202

24. The plate that could use a little direction.

ID: 1455189

25. The plate that packs a punch.

To the vah-jaa-jaa.

ID: 1455215

26. The plate that’s totally topless right now.

ID: 1455213

27. And the plate that pretty much says it all.

ID: 1455092

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