23 Airport Moments That Will Test Your Will To Live

I’m in the wrong security line? Well, which line is best for a nervous breakdown, then?

1. When you arrive early to the airport, and are rewarded with a line like this in return.

What fresh hell is this?!

ID: 2031638

2. When someone asks to see your ID, but you can’t find it anywhere.

HBO / Via

It’s in my bag right?! It has to be in there, because if it’s not, that means I’ll miss my flight and have to go through this insanity all over again.

ID: 2033141

3. Getting assigned to a zone that will absolutely be called last, and knowing you’ll have to check your carry-on.

The whole point of packing a carry-on is that you get to carry it ON. THE. PLANE.

ID: 2031378

4. Having to take off your shoes, and realizing that your socks make you look like a crazy person.

Or worse, when you wear shoes without socks, and have to walk through security in your bare feet. (RIP happiness.)

ID: 2031441

5. When airport security needs to open your bag, and you realize you’ve made a huge packing mistake.

ID: 2032016

6. Having no battery life on your phone, and noticing that there is no space to charge it at the charging station.


Oh, you need to charge your laptop and your iPhone? That’s cool, I’ll just be quietly seething over here.

ID: 2031777

7. Having to make the choice between getting hot food or missing your flight.

ID: 2031315

8. And when you realize the cost of buying ANYTHING anywhere at the airport.

$13 for a banana and a prepackaged sandwich? Great.

ID: 2031312

9. When someone “accidentally” bumps into you with their massive bags.

AMC / Via
ID: 2032983

10. When you see signs like this that make you question how the world works.

ID: 2031446

11. When you’re stuck in line, on the brink of missing your flight, and you watch the pre-TSA screening line just breezing on past you.

Zero fucks were given.

ID: 2031470

12. When the airport doesn’t have Wi-Fi.

ID: 2032938

13. The feeling of intense shame as all of your bits are patted down by a complete stranger.

I should’ve worked out more before this. Damnit.

ID: 2031740

14. That horrible feeling when you have a connecting flight that you’ll never make, but the airline won’t listen.

ID: 2032010

15. Coming up with new and inventive ways to sleep, because airport seats are built to mock you.

ID: 2032086

16. When you hear a crackled voice over the PA system tell you that your flight has been delayed. Again.

Warner Bros. / Via
ID: 2032095

17. Seeing people who are still confused about getting things into bins in the TSA line, even though we’ve been doing this for 12 years.

Columbia Pictures Corporation / Via

“What? I have to take of my shoes and put my things in a tray?!”

ID: 2032031

18. How every airline employee uses a vocabulary that’s completely and pointlessly unlike the way any other human being in the world talks.

No one calls a bathroom a lavatory.

ID: 2032551

19. People who clog the gate entrance before the rows are called and slow the whole boarding process down.


ID: 2032115

20. When you think you got in the short baggage claim line, but then the one next to you starts flying by, and you die inside a little.


The baggage carousel, in general, is stressful.

ID: 2032211

21. When you have to try and explain where you are to someone picking you up, and you realize there are 15 different “Terminal A” signs.

Paramount Pictures / Via

And then you just wait, like a puppy in a pet store.

ID: 2032531

22. And when people are picking you up, they have to keep circling the airport in their car. Because terrorism.

ID: 2031585

23. And the worst: when your flight is delayed and they won’t tell you why, or how long it will be.


ID: 2032951

Hey, at least we’re all in this together… RIGHT?!

…Unless you try and cut me in line.

ID: 2034213

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