A Tribute To Every Beautiful Part Of Nicholas Hoult

And I do mean every part.

1. Everyone, this is Nicholas Hoult. Nicholas Hoult, this is everyone!

Fergus McDonald / Getty Images


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2. If he looks familiar, that’s probably because he’s been acting his whole life. For example, this role in “About A Boy” when he was 11.

Nic (that’s what I call him now) played a 12-year-old boy with a depressed mother, who he’d do anything to help. It was adorable. He also had a pretty epic bowl cut.

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3. Or when he was 7 and acted in “Intimate Relations.”

Here he played a character named Bobby, and other than the fact that he looks pretty cute with a side part, that’s all you need to know.

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4. Then he played a bit of a sociopath on the UK TV series “Skins” when he was 18.

Mmmm….a beautiful sociopath!

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5. But you probably know him more recently as that oddly hot zombie in “Warm Bodies.”

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6. Yeah, he’s dead, but look at those eyes and cheekbones. Dang, baby, dang.

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7. He’s also in the upcoming film “Jack the Giant Slayer” where, apparently, this lucky bitch gets to touch him.

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8. And did I mention he also models for Tom Ford sometimes?

Enjoy your moment of greatness, crows!

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9. And then sometimes stars in Tom Ford’s sexy period films, like “A Single Man”?

ID: 910592

10. But he’s not just a pretty face with excellent acting chops.

Did we mention that he’s also in X-Men: First Class?

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11. No, he’s also a pretty face in a lovely suit.

Stuart Wilson / Getty Images
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12. It’s a pretty face that holds its own when matched with a fetching tie and pocket square.

ID: 910635

13. It’s a face that makes leather bomber jackets even cooler by association.

Neil Mockford / Getty Images
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14. And a pretty face that can be goofy, serious, hell, even shocked!

ID: 910566

15. Enough about his face though, let’s closely examine his other magnificent assets, like his abs.

ID: 913922

16. Or his pecs.

ID: 910534

17. Or his happy trail that, in turn, makes me happy.

ID: 910532

18. Or his…face. Yes, I’m looking at his face again.

ID: 913924

19. Definitely looking at his face here.

ID: 913930

20. And Colin Firth is absolutely only thinking about his face here, too.

ID: 913925

21. Hells bells, he can barely hold himself up under the weight of all his hunkdom.

ID: 910590

22. Have I made you lick your lips in happiness yet or…?

ID: 910557

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