31 People More Graceful Than You

To be fair, standing up without falling down is pretty tough. Right?

1. The unlikely gymnast.

ID: 879115

2. The guy who makes arm dancing an art.

ID: 879252

3. Ozzy Osbourne and Slash’s pinkies.

Dave Hogan / Getty Images

Pinkies up!

ID: 879324

4. The guy whose girlfriend couldn’t handle his graceful wheelie.

ID: 879335

5. The kid whose jump was filled with hope.

ID: 879330

6. The guy who makes Natalie Portman look like an amateur.

ID: 879353

7. The guy who nailed this shot while lying down.

You heard us. He nailed that shot.

ID: 879357

8. The girl who manages to look like she was shot out of a majestic cannon.

ID: 879381

9. The family who perfected synchronized falling.

ID: 879384

10. The guy who never awkwardly takes his clothes off.

ID: 879389

11. These friends who play catch with their feet.

ID: 879406

12. The world’s one and only toast master.

No contest, right?

ID: 879416

13. The guy who doesn’t need to go upstairs to transfer trains.

ID: 879423

14. The goalie who could use his hands, but why bother when you have graceful feet?

ID: 879431

15. The guy who probably has the most impressive dreams ever.

ID: 879437

16. The cat who maintained grace while being crowned by a little princess.

ID: 879449

17. The lady who saves this letter from falling on the floor.

ID: 879467

18. The ballerina who knows when it’s time to walk away.

ID: 879472

19. The guy who nailed this diva pose.

ID: 879589

20. Zach Galifianakis.

ID: 879598

21. The kid who isn’t just going to climb onto his bike.

ID: 879605

22. The guy who makes playing outside into a circus.

ID: 879641

23. The guy who is absolutely the best multitasker we’ve ever seen.

ID: 879632

24. The lady who makes getting up off the floor look effortless.

ID: 879646

25. Everyone involved in this.

ID: 879677

26. The lady who lifts in heels.

ID: 879696

27. And any lady who’s able to dance in heels like this.

ID: 879680

28. The guy who adds a touch of flair to putting on a hat.

ID: 879736

29. The dog that can watch Oprah and power walk at the same time.

ID: 879739

30. The guy who proves that baseball is fabulous.

ID: 879748

31. And did I mention the kid who nails a kickflip, even with crutches?

ID: 879744

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