30 Reasons Why You Love To Hate Pete Campbell

Come on, admit it, sometimes you secretly root for this guy. Even if you hate that you are.

1. So, here’s the deal: We all know that Pete’s a jerk, in general, but he’s also a jerk you love to hate.

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2. Because sometimes Pete gives one of these weasely looks and it makes you want to slap him silly.

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3. But other times he looks so sad for disappointing Don that it breaks your heart a little.

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4. Awww, sad Pete! Stop being so sad, sad Pete!

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5. Then he’s back to being a total jerk.

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6. An uppity jerk, to be exact.

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7. Until he shoots out one of these fabulous judgmental faces and we secretly love him again.

Who hasn’t wanted to make that face at someone they hate?

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8. Yes, he makes sexist statements on the regular.

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9. And often complains to a point where you just want to violently shake him.

Shaken Pete Syndrome (SPS).

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10. And who can forget the way he treated Peggy when they were sleeping together…Terrible.

To be fair though, Kanye, Pete didn’t know about that baby!

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11. But he makes up for it by accidentally running into beams and making us LOL.

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12. Getting punched in the face by Lane.

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13. And wearing outfits that make him look like an Easter egg on a golf course.

It doesn’t make sense, but it does if you think about it long enough!

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14. Plus, sometimes it seems like Pete and Trudy are happy together, and that’s uplifting.

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15. There was even that emotional moment when he found out about his daughter, and it was like he was an actual human being.

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16. Of course, those happy feelings were squashed when Pete went back to being a total man child with a comb-over.

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17. And whenever we remember that he cheated on Trudy with this crazy lady.

Who he’s now engaged to in real life…

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18. But look at how cute these two are when they dance at parties!

Dance sad Pete, dance!

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19. Not just cute, but dashing. Handsome. Regal.

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20. And it makes you forget what a dick in a box Pete really is, just for a moment…

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21. He has amazing lines, like this.

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22. And makes selfish decisions that help us feel better about our lives.

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23. He also has booty shorts that don’t leave much to the imagination.

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24. And sometimes his bitchfaces are so epic that it actually makes us envious.

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25. But no! We can’t like Pete Campbell! We mustn’t! Because he’s a really bad man!

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26. And he strings women along as if they’re disposable!

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27. And it looks like he’s headed in the direction of borderline alcoholic!

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28. So, yes, Pete Campbell, we hate you.

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29. Even though we secretly still love you…

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30. Oh, hell, we can’t stay mad at you for long! What do you say, Pete, forgive us…?

Some things never change, thankfully.

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Raise your glass of scotch if you love to hate Pete Campbell!!!

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