28 Valentine’s Day Gifts To Lower Your Girlfriend’s Expectations

This holiday comes with a lot of pressure, but these gifts will help you show how much you don’t care.

1. The heartfelt Etsy ring that’s kind of a joke, but maybe not a joke at all.

Keep her guessing this holiday!

ID: 844549

2. The other Etsy ring that will let her know exactly where she stands.

It’s in the middle of a zombie attack, FYI.

ID: 844547

3. The multiple ring set that lets her know what to expect when it comes time for a marriage proposal or gifts in general.

The box has more flourish than they do!

ID: 844555

4. The super romantic keychain.

ID: 844497

5. The girly DIY toolbox, because lord knows you won’t be helping her around the house.

ID: 844516

6. The sentimental book that will let her know you have a soft side.

The title really says it all.

ID: 844542

7. The absolutely divine knit koozie with a built-in hoodie, so even her bottles know the warmth of your loving embrace.

ID: 844551

8. The giant button brooch she can pin to her shirt so everyone knows whose girl she really is.

She’s big yellow button’s gal, obvi.

ID: 844559

9. The emotionally honest gift that tells her exactly what to expect out of you in life.

ID: 844573

10. The Christmas ornament she’ll look forward to not hanging all year.

ID: 844585

11. The cat lady sweater-vest with two tiny fish dangling from the zipper.

Every fashionistas dream!

ID: 844587

12. The flask she’ll carry whenever she’s with you.

Make sure you don’t fill it up before gifting this gem!

ID: 844588

13. The thoughtful cookbook that is “foolproof,” because that’s exactly what she’ll need when navigating the kitchen.

ID: 844599

14. The fun coupon set that shows where your future dates will take place.

Dibs on the Subway date!

ID: 844628

15. The spacious Cookie Monster snuggie that’s perfect for late night binge eating.

ID: 844790

16. A single ticket to see Sinbad perform.

ID: 844825

17. The slippers that double as mops so she can work and feel supported.

ID: 844838

18. The microwaveable s’mores kit so you two never have to go on some camping adventure.

ID: 844848

19. The friendly back scratcher that allows her to help herself.

ID: 844852

20. The banana slicer she can put in a drawer somewhere.

ID: 844876

21. The yummy two liter bottle of Diet Coke that’s also caffeine free.

Because love should never keep you up at night.

ID: 844508

22. The game of solitaire she can occupy herself with.

ID: 844890

23. The silly T-Pain microphone that alters her voice entirely.

ID: 844897

24. The healthy self tanning kit, because you’re worried about her going in the sun.

ID: 844899

25. The practical odor blocker.

Every girl’s best friend.

ID: 844918

26. The Eeyore mug that reminds you of her.

ID: 844931

27. The perfect iPhone case.

ID: 844935

28. This fabulous shirt she can wear on Valentine’s Day.

But what if bacon really is our Valentine…?

ID: 844953

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