28 Things That Will Make You Seriously Miss Recess

Recess should be mandatory for grown-ups. Just saying.

1. Fighting so hard in tug of war that you think your arms might break off.

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2. Having an amazing playground that makes you feel like you live in a castle.

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3. Or, if you were one of these lucky kids, actually having a castle as a playground.

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4. The easy satisfaction of riding this playground horse.

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5. The fantastic feeling of being the highest one up on the seesaw.

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6. Hanging upside down from the monkey bars.

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7. Being called forward for a game of red rover, and trying with all your might to break through.

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8. Having a dream room filled with toys for you to choose from.

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9. Hopscotch!

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10. Having free reign to chase your crush around the playground without fear.

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11. Chasing other people around the grass. Just. Because. You. Can.

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12. Goofing off with your BFFs and feeling like the coolest people in school.

…Even if you aren’t.

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13. Climbing to the top of a play set, and looking down at the minions beneath you.

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14. Playing cat’s cradle and feeling accomplished.

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15. Discovering your future with fortune telling origami.

Pick wisely!

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16. Totally dominating in double dutch.

Nicole Bengiveno/The New York Times
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17. Getting Dunk-a-Roos as a snack.

Which is seriously just awesome cookies with frosting.

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18. Or ants on a log and actually enjoying celery.

ID: 1025544

19. Or any kind of lunchables.

Especially when paired with Capri Sun.

ID: 1025570

20. It actually didn’t matter what you got, because you could always trade snacks.

ID: 1025621

21. Sand.

ID: 1025589

22. And owning a game of foursquare.

ID: 1025552

23. Telling secrets and actually cupping your hands to do so.

ID: 1025619

24. Swinging so high that flying off becomes a real and exciting possibility.

ID: 1025654

25. Hula hooping!

ID: 1025723

26. Playing an awesome clapping game with your BFFs.

My fave? Miss Mary Mack, Mack, Mack, All dressed in black, black, black…

ID: 1025671

27. Climbing UP the slide, even though you’re not supposed to.


ID: 1025458

28. Or just hitting time out on life by taking a nap break.

Dear sassy molassey, I miss nap time!!!

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