26 Party Hacks For The Holidays

Can you get through this post without wanting to throw a party?

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1. Got a pile of books and no where to put them? No worries, turn your “mess” into a holiday statement.

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2. And if you’re hosting a cookie party with kids, put icing in condiment bottles to make sharing easier.

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3. Since guests will be taking photos, set up a DIY photo backdrop complete with holiday props.


There’s this Friendsgiving printout, or a Christmas prop kit, both are just $3.95 each.

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4. Turn champagne into a festive cocktail by adding cotton candy first, and then pouring champagne and Perrier over it.

The result is a pink and fizzy treat! Find the recipe here.

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5. If your speakers blow out, these are two easy fixes to amplify the sound:


If you are lacking in a spare toilet paper roll, or just want a little more subtlety, then putting your iPhone in an empty glass jar should do the trick.

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6. Pour like a pro by letting the Solo cup do the heavy lifting with these simple pour rules:

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7. Serve dessert out of individual plastic cups for less mess and cleanup.

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8. Colored paper, a hole punch, and needle and thread are all you need for gorgeous DIY Hanukkah window stars.

Directions here.

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9. Have a broken umbrella? Spray paint the frame white and twist twinkling lights around the arms for an instant holiday lighting fixture.

More instructions at Interior Attack.

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10. Create a wreath in a pinch with coffee filters and foam tubing.


And if you don’t like the color of your filter, you can dye that to fit your color scheme.

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11. Make Christmas trees out of ice cream cones.

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12. If you’re out of clean knives, or just don’t want the extra cleanup, cut cheese, cakes, and cookie dough with plain FLOSS.

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13. Make your home smell like the holidays by simmering vanilla, lemon, and rosemary on the stove.

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14. Don’t buy new candles, just dip-dye what you have to match your party theme!

Instructions over at Martha Stewart.

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15. These easy walnut labels make great place settings at a dinner party, or a fun favor for guests to leave with.

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16. Have leftover Solo cups? Use them to store your holiday ornaments.

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17. To avoid tangled lights, wrap them on hangers to keep them from coiling.

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18. If you have LED lights and balloons, then you can turn them into DIY LED balloons to light your party.

Instructions and kits at Brit + Co.

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19. If you’re planning to decorate pinecones, bake them first to eliminate any bugs!

Directions here.

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20. To save yourself cleanup, place a cutting board over a trashcan so you can easily toss the scraps.

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21. Have leftover chips? Break off the ends of a plastic hanger to create easy clips.

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22. Add a festive touch to brownies or fudge by baking them in cookie cutters.

Recipe here.

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23. Turn plain cupcakes into turkey cupcakes with the help of swedish fish and an ice cream cone.

Recipe here.

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24. Skip the food labels and let it speak for itself with a chalkboard serving platter.

The DIY chalkboard instructions can be found over at Wit and Whistle. And if you’re strapped for time, chalkboard cheese platters sell on Amazon for $19.99.

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25. Add a “Santa hat” to brownie bites with the help of a strawberry and some cream.

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26. If you need quick decorations, turn a coffee filter into a snowflake!

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