24 Things Nerds Do Better Than You

It’s geeks for the win!

1. Oven mitts and matching cookies.

ID: 1069463

2. Sports.

Quidditch > Football

ID: 1069332

3. Nesting dolls.

Bonus points: They also keep the ghosts away. Not that you’re afraid of no ghosts, or anything…

ID: 1069441

4. Accent pillows.

Doctor Who fans can snuggle up to this fella for $30.

ID: 1069375

5. House Lannister cupcakes.

ID: 1069352

6. Actually, just cakes in general.

Who wants an Adventure Time slice of Jake?!

ID: 1069358

7. Double entendre baby bibs.

ID: 1069384


ID: 1069397

9. Tweeting about owning jerk faces.

ID: 1069309

10. Chef aprons.

ID: 1069452

11. Pez dispensers that double as a USB.

ID: 1069432

12. Workin’ it pumps.

Get it girrrr.

ID: 1069359

13. Ice cube trays.

ID: 1069469

14. Gingerbread houses.

Or, like, the spacecraft Serenity in gingerbread form.

ID: 1069494

15. Phone cases.

ID: 1069503

16. Wearing hairy slippers and giving zero effs.

ID: 1069568

17. Snuggies.

ID: 1069576

18. Carving pumpkins into masterpieces.

ID: 1069538

19. Taking out the trash.

ID: 1069610

20. Ear bling.

ID: 1069643

21. Marriage proposals.

I think the ruined Harry Potter book is worth the cute factor. Plus, it’s an excuse to buy another one.

ID: 1069716

22. Toast.

ID: 1069614

23. Epic nail art.

ID: 1069705

24. Keeping solicitors away.

ID: 1069691

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