24 Faces To Make At People You Don’t Like

For all the haters.

Being around people you hate is really awful, and we’ve got all the faces you need to let them know you are not having it.

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1. The “Shocked You’re Still Alive” face

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2. Or the “Hold Up While I Try And Stomach You” look

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3. The “No More Mr. Nice Guy”

ID: 816904

4. The “OMG, You Got So Fat Since High School”

ID: 816925

5. “Still Not Impressed”

ID: 816857

6. “Like, Seriously, Not Impressed”

ID: 816852

7. The “Why Do You Think It’s OK To Stand Next To Me?!” face

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8. How about the, “I’d Rather Be Trapped Inside A Porta-Potty That’s Rolling Downhill”

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9. “The Chris Brown”

ID: 816872

10. The “I Will End You”

ID: 816879

11. “Get Gone, Devil Bitch!”

ID: 816893

12. “Blinking Is Better Than Looking At You”

ID: 816908

13. “Get Out Of My Eye-line”

ID: 816918

14. Try the, “You’re So Dumb, You Probably Don’t Understand That I’m Openly Mocking You”

ID: 816970

15. Or the…

ID: 816960

16. Try the, “John Travolta Is Just As Scary As Me”

ID: 816896

17. Or take the high road with a “I’m Not Even Sure I Remember Who You Are” approach

ID: 817044

18. The “I’m Winning At Life, Because I’m Neil Patrick Harris”

ID: 817043

19. “Taste My Weave, Bitch”

ID: 817067

20. “Good Luck With Being a Dick”

ID: 817069

21. “I’d Let You Drown”

ID: 817048

22. The “Look At Me Now!”

ID: 817080

23. “You Mad, Boo?!”

ID: 817297

24. “You’re Going to Die Alone!”

ID: 817073

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