23 People Who Prove Karma Is Real

This will make you feel better about life in general.

1. The guy who picked the wrong chair to kick.

ID: 1032502

2. The girl who should probably rethink her life choices.

ID: 1032510

3. The burglar who underestimated his target.

ID: 1032709

4. The guy who got as much as he gave.

ID: 1032507

5. The wannabe grammar king.

ID: 1032607

6. And his grammar queen.

ID: 1032608

7. The man who tried to conquer bubblegum and got a karmic splat of reality.

ID: 1032610

8. The complete idiot who didn’t get run over by a car, but got a healthy punch in the face.

ID: 1032703

9. The bully-turned-Subway-employee.

ID: 1032944

10. The man who foolishly taunted a bull.

ID: 1032633

11. The woman who should know better than to call her ex-boyfriend “lazy.”

ID: 1032783

12. The guy who got a high five, alright.

ID: 1032713

13. The cheater who has nowhere to hide.

ID: 1032779

14. The dog owner who’s never going to mess with his pooch again.

ID: 1032812

15. The thief who will never stop regretting his life choices.

ID: 1032826

16. The guy who learned to never kick public property.

ID: 1032716

17. The biker who fell on his face.

ID: 1032815

18. The vandal who totally got schooled.

ID: 1032629

19. The soccer player who should work on his aim.

ID: 1032964

20. The driver who took karma into his own hands.

ID: 1032963

21. The little swimmer and his reluctant cat friend.

ID: 1032969

22. The man who went bowling for birds and lost a bag in the process.

ID: 1033011

23. And the amateur ninja who needs more practice.

ID: 1033038

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