20 People Who Are So Totally Over This S#%t

It’s all pretty understandable, right?

1. Bill Murray is so over this golf club that he can’t even hold it.

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ID: 866038

2. This baby bunny is so over swinging that he’s given up on life.

ID: 865891

3. This lady is so over the conversation next to her that she doesn’t know whether to smile or grimace.

ID: 865939

4. This guy is terrifyingly over this shit.

ID: 865780

5. Siri is totally over small talk.

ID: 865785

6. This girl is so over selfish adults copying her all-white style and stealing her baseballs.

ID: 865790

7. This guy is so over nerf guns not being an acceptable accessory.

ID: 865886

8. Michelle is so over the sound of John Boehner’s voice.

ID: 865832

9. This guy is seriously so over sharing with bears.

ID: 865942

10. The Starbucks employee who just wants to take a phone call without making any more of your flavored shit.

ID: 866205

11. This guy is so over that bitch who won’t accept his faux fur hat.

ID: 865866

12. Jinkx Monsoon is so over these queens not appreciating her eye makeup that she might vomit. Or cry. Or both.

ID: 866063

13. While this other queen, Alyssa Edwards, is so over it that she’s turning to tulle for comfort.

ID: 866067

14. And this queen, Vivienne Pinay, is just over everyone being over it.

ID: 866074

15. This guy is really over people forsaking manners for glory.

ID: 866090

16. This girl is so over muppet photobombs.

ID: 866154

17. This guy is so over this homework shit.

ID: 866152

18. This security guard is so over cosplay.

ID: 866196

19. This mom is over her daughter’s awful dancing.

ID: 866174

20. And Daniel Radcliffe is so over other people’s juggling skills that he just ninja chopped this poor guy’s dreams.

ID: 866518

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