19 Totally Hygienic Foodbaths

Dim the lights, flip on the Celine Dion, and fill your tub with Cheetos. This isn’t amateur hour, folks.

1. Cheese balls.

ID: 1147334

2. Strawberries, like a BOSS.

ID: 1147736

3. Boiled peanuts.

ID: 1147359

4. Fresh waffles with a little maple syrup drizzle.

ID: 1147602

5. Hamburgers.

ID: 1147346

6. Popcorn and a champagne glass.

ID: 1147429

7. Wild Berry Skittles.

ID: 1147435

9. Chocolate, and you can smear it on your face.

ID: 1147489

10. Trail mix.

ID: 1147441

11. So much spaghetti that you have to put it in a kiddie pool.

ID: 1147534

12. Donuts, delicious, glazed, and frosted doughnuts.

ID: 1147596

13. Beer, if you’re on a liquid diet.

Yes, beer is a food group in my mind, deal with it.

ID: 1147825

14. Ramen noodles.

ID: 1148006

15. Milk and cereal.

ID: 1147372

16. Colorful Fruit Loops.

ID: 1148009

17. Honey Nut Cheerios!

Though the original recipe works just as well.

ID: 1148011

18. Ice cream and sundae toppings!

ID: 1147837

19. And buckets of KFC fried chicken.

ID: 1147808

Did I say “hygienic”? I meant “fun.” Whoops…

ID: 1147986

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