19 Absurd Zombie Books We Should All Read

Step aside, Zombie Survival Guide, these books may have you beat.

1. The zombie book that makes Jesus a badass with a baseball bat.

Take that, God’s undead creatures!

ID: 853400

2. The zombie book that will make you question everything.

You’ll never look at mom the same way again.

ID: 853251

3. The zombie book that kind of makes you want a zombie pet, because it’s kind of cute, actually.

ID: 853323

4. The zombie book that makes Quentin Tarantino look like a pussy.

ID: 853283

5. The zombie book that’s confusingly sexy (maybe?).

Undead lady bits…?

ID: 853349

6. The zombie book that’s making Shakespeare roll over in his grave with envy.

To feed, or not to feed: that is the question.

ID: 853337

7. The zombie book that likely starts with “Once upon a time, a beautiful princess locked in a tower tried to escape so she could eat your brains out.”

ID: 853355

8. The book filled with the type of zombies everyone can agree need to be destroyed.

ID: 853359

9. The zombie book that will make you a chiller person, even though zombies seem pretty stressed about finding flesh.

ID: 853378

10. The zombie book that makes complete sense.

ID: 853402

11. Do zombie captains exist? The answer is in this book, along with recipes for mai tais.

ID: 853418

12. Hint: Start moaning.

ID: 853518

13. The zombie book that people who hate clowns will love.

ID: 853530

14. The title says it all, really.

ID: 853532

15. The zombie book you’ll want to read to your children’s children’s children.

ID: 853535

16. The new zombie holiday classic that everyone can sing along with!

ID: 853548

17. The zombie books that are perfect for bathroom reading.

ID: 853542

18. The zombie book that turns a classic tale into something you might want to actually read.

ID: 853563

19. The zombie book that will enrage PETA.

ID: 853547

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