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17 Important Life Lessons From “The Princess Bride”

You should use “Inconceivable!” as much as humanly possible. Also, don’t mess with Sicilians.

1. Lesson 1: Fall in love with a farm boy, because they are loyal as hell.

Another lesson: “As you wish” means “I love you.”

2. Lesson 2: Life is not fair.

4. Lesson 4: When it comes to morons, make sure to put them in their place.

5. Lesson 5: Always introduce yourself before killing someone.

Just because you’re a killer doesn’t mean you can’t be polite!

6. Lesson 6: Use “Inconceivable!” as much as possible.

7. Lesson 7: When it’s someone’s first time, be gentle.

8. Lesson 8: You are spoiled.

Luckily, older people will remind you of that.

9. Lesson 9: Spend years building up a resistance to Iocane powder.

You never know when you’ll need it!

10. Lesson 10: BEWARE OF R.O.U.S.!


11. Lesson 11: Get a wingman.

Not just because they’ll help you get a girl, but they’ll also do your bidding.

12. Lesson 12: Dunk your head in hot and cold water to stay awake.

13. Lesson 13: Don’t mess with Sicilians.

On a related note: The Godfather series also reinforced this lesson.

14. Lesson 14: Love is the same in every language.

Even the language of impressive clergymen.

15. Lesson 15: Sometimes a little white lie is best.

16. Lesson 16: Never assume someone is left handed, or right handed.

Actually, just never assume anything about anyone. Especially the Man In Black.

17. The Most Important Lesson Of All: Death cannot stop true love. It only delays it for a bit.

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