17 Awful Date Night Ideas That Will Make Your Partner Breakup With You

Warning: Only try these if your goal is to be alone for the rest of your life!

1. Sneaking off to the watering hole for a little skinny dipping, in alligator infested waters.

ID: 968175

2. A movie night that involves a Groupon you got for a Katherine Heigl film.

ID: 968076

3. Having a peanut butter and crack sandwich for dinner, made by a crackhead.

Unless the crack head is actually Dave Chappelle, in which case that might be the best date ever.

ID: 968088

4. A couple of hours spent power washing each other’s houses.

ID: 968122

5. Setting up a night where you both babysit for someone else’s kids, while that couple goes off for their own special evening.

ID: 968129

6. Going to the free clinic to get some flu shots.

ID: 968137

7. A fun trip to Jiffy Lube for a tire rotation and oil change.

ID: 968165

8. Unless you’re Harold and Maude, a date night at a funeral parlor.

ID: 968192

9. A trip to Furry-Con, where you forget to bring your anthropomorphic animal costumes.

Fur-con is a real convention that happens, folks.

ID: 968207

10. A couple’s visit to the dentist for a root canal.

ID: 968156

11. A “Two and a Half Men” marathon of only Ashton Kutcher’s episodes.

ID: 968215

12. An adventure to the Laundry Depot so you can make your whites whiter.

ID: 968218

13. A surprise visit to the local animal shelter, not to adopt but just to “look.”

ID: 968231

14. An impromptu shaving party, where you lather each other up and take turns.

ID: 968263

15. A shopping spree at the Crocs store.

ID: 968269

16. Tickets to a seminar hosted by Mystery, The Pickup Artist.

ID: 968271

17. And having a fitness-focused night by running laps around the local prison yard.

ID: 968505

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