16 Sexy Celebs Want To Wish You A Happy Valentine’s Day

But which one will be your Valentine?!

1. Robert Downey Jr. can barely contain his excitement over making you this homemade card.

ID: 834349

2. Plus Harry Styles and his dreamy hair have something to say…

ID: 834357

3. And President Obama makes loving you a matter of national security.


ID: 834350

4. Tom Hiddleston hopes that his British accent doesn’t change how you hear these three magical words…

ID: 834383

5. While Zac Efron has so many feelings that they drip out of his eyes, in loving tears.

ID: 834509

6. Same with this psycho from “American Horror Story.”

Watch your back with this one.

ID: 834318

7. Leonardo DiCaprio just realized his life had absolutely no meaning before meeting you.

ID: 834539

8. The Biebs may sing to millions of fans, but in his mind he might as well be singing to a crowd of one! (Hint: You’re the one!)

Love can be creepy sometimes!

ID: 834377

9. Ryan Gosling doesn’t need to think about eternity, because he found you.

ID: 834538

10. Harry Shum from “Glee” wants to use his hands to let you know how his heart feels.

It beats only for you.

ID: 834520

11. While Darren Criss is so enamored that he has to hold his chin up under the weight of all those emotions.

ID: 834521

12. Even though Liam Hemsworth may be shy about saying the “L” word, it’s clear he can’t live without you.

Sorry we’re not sorry, Miley!

ID: 834553

13. Jake Gyllenhaal’s making a proposition for a lifetime of love. Will you answer his siren call?

ID: 834548

14. And Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s about to take your breath away.

ID: 834543

15. As is Dan Stevens.

ID: 834554

16. While Channing Tatum is offering up his body for your Valentine’s Day pleasure.

We love you stripping too!

ID: 834533

Check it out: A dance he choreographed just for you!

ID: 834580

Happy Valentine’s Day!! Love, All of these men.

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