14 Post-Coital Movie Posters You Can’t Unsee

Warning: Awkward cuddling ahead.

1. Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin…BONED.

Proof’s in the poster, folks.

ID: 828231

2. So did Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Garner.

Along with all those random, grabby hands in Ghosts of Girlfriends Past.

ID: 828229

3. This monkey thought he saw a banana in the guy’s pocket, but it wasn’t… :(

Makes rounding third base pretty awkward.

ID: 828295

4. Meanwhile, Dane Cook looks like a moron.

True to form.

ID: 828302

5. These guys just wanted a happy Hump Day.

And who doesn’t, really?

ID: 828240

6. In this movie, Goldie Hawn only feels frisky when Chevy Chase hides under her bed.

And a pet shop blooms around her pillows, apparently.

ID: 828258

7. Shit just got real for Anne and Jake.

ID: 828284

8. And Roger Moore thinks age ain’t nothing but a number.

Incidentally, this was the prequel to a little TV show called Cougar Town.

ID: 828296

9. Ugh.


ID: 828294

10. Like mother, like daughter.

You really can’t unsee this one, folks.

ID: 828297

11. The sexiest threesome we’ve ever seen.

ID: 828304

12. Followed by the creepiest Guantanamo Bay fetish we’ve ever seen.

ID: 828306

13. That awkward moment when you turn the lights on and see…

ID: 828305

14. And Robert Pattinson’s totally sexy, not at all horrifying face in “How To Be.”

ID: 828245

Nothing scary about it at all.

You will never unsee this! Never!

ID: 828246

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