Why Garth Algar Is The Perfect Man

If he were the president, he’d be Baberham Lincoln. Chyea!

1. He co-hosts a righteous cable-access show.


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2. He does his own laundry (and he does not live with his parents).

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3. He knows how to compliment a lady.

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4. He sticks to his morals.

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5. He has strong opinions concerning contraceptives and sexual safety.

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6. He knows how to have a good time.


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7. He gives great life advice.

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8. He’s not afraid to experiment with his personal style.

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9. He’s always prepared.

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10. And very practical.

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11. He’s a good kisser.

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12. He’ll treat you like you deserve to be treated.

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13. He’s deep.

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14. And poetic.

“I mean, we’re looking down on Wayne’s basement. Only that’s not Wayne’s basement.”

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15. He enjoys culinary pursuits.

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16. He’s not afraid to say how he feels.

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17. He stays true to himself.

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18. He’s good with a hammer.

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19. He has a best friend, so he won’t get too clingy.

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20. He knows what he wants.

ID: 1149565

21. He likes to travel.

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22. He knows a lot about relationships.

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23. And he tells it like it is.

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24. He has big dreams, but he’s still realistic.

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25. He has an awesome dog.

“Aliens have kidnapped Wayne?!”

ID: 1149666

26. He’s not too manly to hold your purse for you.

ID: 1149366

27. He is in touch with his sexuality.

ID: 1149347

28. He’s adorably shy.

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31. He is perfect in every way.

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32. Everyone should be more like Garth Algar!

(Please date me).

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