The Unabridged Sprouse Twins Twitpic War

It gets ugly. No, but really.

1. Disney Channel stars Dylan and Cole Sprouse had an embarrassing photo competition on Twitter for the whole world to see and every second of it was glorious.

Getty / Tim Whitby

2. Cole fired the first shots posting this photo of Dylan pre-reconstructive chin surgery.

3. Dylan, ever the older (by 15 minutes) and wiser twin, gave him an out.

4. Cole politely declined by posting this photo of Dylan’s best wide-mouth bass with a nervous twitch impression.

5. Dylan retaliated with a pic of Cole Tyrannosaurs-Rexing (yes, it’s a verb) the Eiffel Tower.

6. And aggressively followed up with this late night yawn selfie of Cole.


— dylansprouse (@Dylan Sprouse)

7. Cole fired back with a shot of Dylan’s chipmunk cheeks full of greasy dorm food in front of what appears to be his grandmother’s afghan.

@dylansprouse Chew your food man

— colesprouse (@Cole M. Sprouse)

8. Dylan’s comeback was a snarky screen grab of Cole’s IQ, which is actually pretty high.

.@colesprouse I bet I am facebook, thanks for asking

— dylansprouse (@Dylan Sprouse)

9. Cole, now on the defense, regained ground with this absolutely amazing photo of Dylan with scurvy(?).

@dylansprouse pre-puberty dylan rolls into the fray!

— colesprouse (@Cole M. Sprouse)

10. But Dylan took a decisive lead with Cole’s topless homecoming queen pic.

.@colesprouse game over....princess >:) been savin' this one for a moment just like this. huehuehuehue

— dylansprouse (@Dylan Sprouse)

11. Then Cole hit him with this beaut! A sultry, pouty Dylanita with a sweet rack, if I do say so myself.

@dylansprouse Then we might as well finish this on equal grounds.......#princess

— colesprouse (@Cole M. Sprouse)

12. Dylan was thrown off.

.@colesprouse Imma whup your ass

— dylansprouse (@Dylan Sprouse)

13. And threw up a hail Mary!

@colesprouse You're lucky that one is already all over the internet....NOW THIS ONE WILL BE TOO. I will be the martyr

— dylansprouse (@Dylan Sprouse)

14. Cole waved the white flag, ending the war with this perfectly executed Suite Life zinger.

@dylansprouse you just ran in the lobby with this one #ImCallingMoseby

— colesprouse (@Cole M. Sprouse)

15. And Dylan left people guessing with this entirely rando usage of the word “girth.”

.@colesprouse You can't escape my girth

— dylansprouse (@Dylan Sprouse)

16. You guys do realize you’re twins, right?

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