22 Teachers Who Know How To Take A Yearbook Photo

Here’s a lesson: Be more like these teachers.

1. This English teacher, who believes poetry is all around us.

ID: 1680597

2. This gym teacher, who doesn’t tolerate horsing around.

ID: 1680570

3. This teacher, who maybe shouldn’t get lunch duty anymore.

ID: 1680554

4. This teacher, who proves you can totally get away with handing in the same thing every year as long as you make minor changes to it.

ID: 1680580

5. These teachers, who never miss an opportunity for a biology lesson.

ID: 1680604

6. Including marine biology.

ID: 1681683

7. These teachers, who demonstrate exactly how not to keep your hands to yourself.

ID: 1680644

8. These teachers, who are each other’s reasons for getting up in the morning.

ID: 1680636

9. These teachers who may just be the J.D. and Turk of their school.

ID: 1680608

10. …Two years running.

ID: 1680614

11. This history teacher, who takes his job very seriously.

ID: 1680686

12. And this one who takes it one step further.

ID: 1681680

13. This English teacher who loves all things literary, even graphic novels.

ID: 1680732

14. This gym teacher who leads a rich home life, apparently.

ID: 1680745

15. This teacher who knows a classic when he sees one.

ID: 1681507

16. This science teacher who believes in examining things from every angle.

ID: 1681762

17. This teacher who’s mastered the over-the-right-shoulder look.

ID: 1681978

18. And this one who’s mastered the left.

ID: 1682028

19. This science teacher who will out-nerd any nerd.

ID: 1681993

20. These teachers who all forgot to shave for picture day.

ID: 1682143

21. This drama teacher who is committed to method acting.

ID: 1682251

22. And this teacher who is really a dog.

ID: 1681813

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