19 Signs You’re An Outdoorsy Person Trapped At Work

How many days until the weekend?

1. You’re the only one who managed to show up dry to work today.

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2. You know taking the stairs every day will eventually pay off.

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3. You can’t stop looking at your desktop background, which is a picture of you from last weekend’s hike

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4. You packed your famous homemade trailmix for lunch.

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5. You insist on eating it in the park even if no one joins you.

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6. You keep wistfully staring out the window, trying to see any semblance of nature.

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7. Work got too stressful so you took a 15 minute break to listen to a CD of nature sounds.

ID: 1142303

8. You don’t get why Nancy from sales isn’t impressed with your epic bug bite.

ID: 1135269

9. Your beard is your favorite part of your outfit today.

Well, everyday. But it looks especially bushy today.

ID: 1135280

10. You’re the one who’s been sticking these babies everywhere.

Even on the copy machine.

ID: 1136606

11. Three times today you had to pick a can out of the trash and put it in the recycling bin.

Three times!

ID: 1133295

12. This happened, and you haven’t bounced back emotionally since.

ID: 1135331

13. Your break room garbage can makes you disappointed in humanity.

ID: 1135181

14. Somehow, this has become part of your job description:

And you’re secretly feel pretty B.A. that no one else is brave enough to do it.

ID: 1141822

15. You just realized your boss isn’t using the reusable coffee mug you bought him.

What a jerk!

ID: 1142340

16. Really you’re just waiting for the weekend so you can throw on your favorite shoes…

ID: 1136503

17. Hit up one of your favorite weekend spots…

ID: 1136551

18. Grab a casual beer with some friends…

ID: 1135754

19. And just hang out.

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