19 Signs You Take French Fries Very Seriously

Do you think this is a game?

1. With that first bite of a french fry, you are overcome with emotion.

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2. You are in awe of their salty perfection. How can such a heavenly food exist on earth?

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3. You admire their golden splendor from every angle before devouring them.

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4. If you have leftover fries (doubtful), you count each one so you’ll know if anyone takes one.

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5. You endure physical pain to make them at home.

ID: 2032375

6. Nothing can slow you down once you start eating them.

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7. You strongly believe there’s never a wrong time to grab some fries.

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8. Small fries? Hahahahahahahahahaha. Ha.

ID: 2032362

9. For you, there is only one size of fries.

ID: 2032888

10. And there’s only one way to eat them.

ID: 2032917

11. And you don’t care how silly you may look, because appearances aren’t important when fries are present.

ID: 2031850

12. You own this shirt.

ID: 2032946

13. You deal with adversary in the following manner:

ID: 2032298

14. Your priorities are in order.

ID: 2033081

15. You would still answer this question with a resounding “YES, DUH.”

ID: 2032344

16. This is your dream come true.

ID: 2032367

17. You’re optimistic that one day fry-scientists will make this the standard.

ID: 2032439

18. You have seriously considered building a house out of fries, but you’ll probably just end up eating it.

ID: 2032430

19. You are Jennifer Lawrence.

ID: 2033055

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