28 Reasons You Wish Kitty Forman Was Your Mom

That ’70s Show would have been lost without her.

1. She has realistic expectations for her children.

Which is important when raising a functioning adult.

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2. She knows how to make a joke.

It’s easier to hear the truth that way.

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3. And she’ll tell it how it is.

Sometimes you have to get right to the point.

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4. She is cheery and fun to be around.

Who could be sad around that?

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5. But she is also as real as it gets.



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6. She gives great advice.

Who doesn’t love crafting?

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7. She makes mistakes…she’s only human!

And they usually involve drinking, which is awesome.

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8. She’s deep.

And she loves baking.

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9. She’s protective, as a mother should be!


Also strangely intimidating.

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10. She’s not afraid to push people’s buttons.

Well, Red? Do you?

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11. She’s sensitive.

And descriptive!

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12. She’s always concerned.


And she’s got so many pamphlets!

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13. Yet adorably naïve.


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14. She’s empathetic.

And a friend to the animals!

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15. She knows a doofus when she sees one.

And she’s got the best judgmental side-glance in the biz.

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16. She knows there’s nothing better than a homemade gift.

There’s love in every stitch!

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17. She’s got a look that can stop you in your tracks.

Even when she’s nude!

ID: 1224530

18. She’s got the best laugh on earth.


And she cracks herself up!

ID: 1224535

19. She’s calm during emergencies.


What Would Kitty Do?

ID: 1224684

20. If you’re having a bad day she’ll baby you.

Sometimes we just need to be coddled!

ID: 1224704

21. She’s got the best burns.

Tough talkin’ mama.

ID: 1224705

22. She is wise. Like a sage.

And she drops wisdom like it ain’t no thang.

ID: 1224766

23. She’s a nurse, so she really will take the best care of you.

Even if it hurts.

ID: 1224890

24. She’s only human.

Which makes her a great role model.

ID: 1224909

25. She’s also great at boosting confidence.

She’s truly a jack-angel.

ID: 1224921

26. She understands sometimes you just need a little break from reality.

We all do!

ID: 1224989

27. She keeps it together for the sake of her family.

But, like everyone, she a little cray.

ID: 1224965

28. She’s always down for a good time.

Let loose, Kitty! You’ve earned it!

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