16 Reasons To Play Every Game Against A Child

Hint: You’ll win every time.

1. This is how bad they are at batting when there’s not even a ball coming.

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2. You don’t even need to be good at defense. They defend themselves.

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3. They completely fold under pressure.

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4. They’re useless at swimming.

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5. Or around pools in general.

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6. They are severely uncoordinated.

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7. They just can’t seem to nail down the fundamentals.

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8. They overestimate their own abilities.

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9. Seriously, hide-and-seek shouldn’t be this easy.

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10. They’re too timid on the playing field.

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11. And they’re easily distracted.

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12. Most of them don’t even know the rules!

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13. They basically score points on themselves.

ID: 1304698

14. Because they’re never paying attention.

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15. But even if they are paying attention, their timing is horrible.

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16. On second thought…maybe don’t play games against kids.

Sure, you’ll win every time. But you might lose a lot in the process.

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