Proof That Tumblr Users Should Never Have Children

“Did you just say ‘spawned’?” This list was originally compiled by Tumblr user InsertFandomNameHere.

1. They’ll avoid “The Talk” at all costs.

ID: 1395741

2. They’re a bad influence.

Original artwork by Channelate.

ID: 1395743

3. Their priorities are all over the place.

ID: 1395755

4. They treat their children like play things.

ID: 1395763

5. They’re huge trolls.

ID: 1395757

6. Seriously, they’re incredibly committed to trolling.

ID: 1395764

7. They’re prideful for the wrong reasons.

ID: 1395768

8. They don’t always do their research.

ID: 1395770

10. Actually, maybe they’d be the best parents to have…

ID: 1395766

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