Proof That Kuzco Is The Realest Disney Prince There Ever Was

Boom, baby.

1. The man knows how to make an entrance.

ID: 1604195

2. He gets stuff done.

ID: 1604352

3. But still makes time for himself.

ID: 1604375

4. He’s not afraid of his own emotions.

ID: 1604294

5. Kid’s got moves.

ID: 1604355

6. And a taste for sarcasm.

ID: 1605720

7. He’s got THE BEST burns.

ID: 1604555

8. And he can throw shade better than anyone.

ID: 1606296

9. He’s pretty much ready for anything.

ID: 1604262

10. But sometimes he gets overwhelmed. He’s only human! (Or llama).

ID: 1606329

11. He’s not afraid to celebrate personal victories.

ID: 1604271

12. Or flatter to get what he wants.

ID: 1606297

13. Yeah, sometimes he gets a little self conscious.

ID: 1604370

14. Or generally unsure of himself.

ID: 1605745

15. And his mouth often gets him into trouble.

ID: 1605739

16. The truth is, he knows what he wants.

ID: 1604401

17. And he ain’t got time for nonsense.

ID: 1605693

18. Because he’s too busy keepin’ it real.

ID: 1606049

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