28 People You’re Gonna Wish Were Your Actual Friends

If only you knew these people IRL.

2. This serial foot-tickler:

3. This man who respects pie:

6. This chicken-finger enthusiast:

7. The owner of this trombone:

8. This future teacher or veterinarian or BOTH:

10. This man surfing with a llama:

12. This little boy who confused picture day with pajama day:

15. Whoever organized this dance party:

17. These lords a-leaping:

21. This power couple:

22. The driver of this bus:

24. Dr. Hedgeh’s tormentors:

25. This collector of ass-crack portraits:


27. This employee of the month:

28. And, of course, Shaq:

Reproduced by kind permission of The Tribune, Nassau, Bahamas

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