19 Lifelike Sculptures You Won’t Believe Aren’t Real

COOL, so I guess my PlayDough sculptures don’t mean anything to anyone?

1. “Couple Under an Umbrella” By Ron Mueck

ID: 1766126

2. “The Hanging Man” by Sam Jinks

ID: 1766904

3. “Old Self” by Evan Penny

ID: 1766573

4. “The Carrier” by Patricia Piccinini

ID: 1767256

5. “Chris” by Jamie Salmon

ID: 1766808

6. “Queenie II” by Duane Hanson

ID: 1766698

8. “Secret Shame” by Jackie K. Seo

ID: 1766866

9. “H. P. Lovecraft” by Tom Kuebler

ID: 1766791

10. “The Joker” by Bobby Causey

ID: 1767363

11. “Security Guard” by Marc Sijan

ID: 1767045

12. “Horizontal” by Paul McCarthy

ID: 1772119

13. “The Whistlers” by Tip Toland

ID: 1767421

14. “Grandfather Monk Luan” by Sunti

ID: 1770976

15. “Painted Box” by Charles Ray

ID: 1772071

16. “Ordinary Man” by Zarko Baseski

ID: 1772569

17. “Still Life” by Sam Jinks

ID: 1772887

18. “Desolation” by Jamie Salmon

ID: 1773081

19. “Mask II” by Ron Mueck

ID: 1772996

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