How Dog Are You?

Take a paws in your day to find out.

  1. Check all that apply...
    1. 1 I looove to eat.
    2. 2 I consider eating one of my favorite hobbies.
    3. 3 Just the thought of food make my mouth water.
    4. 4 I’ll literally eat anything.
    5. 5 I have eaten something without being 100% sure what it was.
    6. 6 I don’t know what I’d do without my family.
    7. 7 I love my friends!!!
    8. 8 I get irrationally excited when I see someone I know.
    9. 9 I love meeting new people.
    10. 10 I hate being alone.
    11. 11 I literally don’t know what to do with myself when people aren’t around to hang out.
    12. 12 I throw myself completely into relationships.
    13. 13 I’m incredibly loyal.
    14. 14 I’m super fun at parties.
    15. 15 People seem to like me when they first meet me.
    16. 16 I like being LOUD!
    17. 17 I’m not known for thinking things through.
    18. 18 I have good intentions but I often make mistakes.
    19. 19 You could say I often get ahead of myself.
    20. 20 I am very low maintenance.
    21. 21 I don’t really care about my appearance.
    22. 22 Personal hygiene is not my number one priority.
    23. 23 I’m not exactly “neat.”
    24. 24 Let’s put it this way: vacuum cleaners freak me out.
    25. 25 I love when people pet my head.
    26. 26 I love it even more when people rub my belly.
    27. 27 I love cuddling the most.
    28. 28 Actually, I love all physical contact.
    29. 29 I am athletic.
    30. 30 I enjoy the great outdoors.
    31. 31 I also appreciate a nice night on the couch.
    32. 32 I love long car rides.
    33. 33 I also love long walks.
    34. 34 I think swimming is fun.
    35. 35 I’m especially good at ball sports.
    36. 36 I enjoy most activities, including pooping.
    37. 37 I’m a total morning person.
    38. 38 I’m also a night person.
    39. 39 My enthusiasm for life can overwhelm some people.
    40. 40 Woof.

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