For Everyone Who’s Completely DONE With Puns

Read this important message.

Are you completely tired of puns?

ID: 2403846

Do they just drive you up a wall?

ID: 2403873

Maybe you feel like they’re completely pointless.

ID: 2403870

Or a waste of precious time.

ID: 2403633

But you just gotta face it: there is no escape from puns.

ID: 2403840

One day, you might find yourself walking down the lovely streets of a foreign city. Let’s say Moscow.

ID: 2403888

It’ll be a beautiful 90° day.

ID: 2403842

When suddenly, you see this ass hole:

ID: 2420999

You just can’t resist!

ID: 2413723

You try to hold in your laughter but it leaks.

ID: 2403864

You may have hated puns, but that was the last straw.

ID: 2413688

Now you can’t help but simply adore them!

ID: 2423919

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