22 Dogs Who Partied Too Hard Last Night

Feelin’ ruff after a long night out? These dogs understand.

1. “Dude…”

ID: 1562138

2. “What happened last night?”

ID: 1562224

3. “This is the closest to death I’ve ever felt.”

ID: 1562158

4. “I seriously don’t remember anything after howling ‘Who Let The Dogs Out’ with that black lab.”

ID: 1562238

5. “Why do I still taste tequila?”

ID: 1562730

6. “I need water in the worst way.”

ID: 1563057

7. “There’s an actual desert in my mouth.”

ID: 1562724

8. “I can hear my heart beat in my skull.”

ID: 1562892

9. “Has anyone seen my pants?”

ID: 1563261

10. “Did I make out with that cat? Please tell me no.”

ID: 1562255

11. “I need greasy fast food in my stomach to soak up this river of alcohol.”

ID: 1562215

12. “What? Is there something on my face?”

ID: 1563300

13. “I never want to leave this bed. This bed is my new home.”

ID: 1562906

14. “Light feels like a thousand silvery swords stabbing me directly in the eye holes.”

ID: 1562916

15. “I’m just trying to forget what the word ‘beer’ even means.”

ID: 1563026

16. “Did we even know those cocker spaniels that showed up at 2 a.m.?”

ID: 1563036

17. “I vaguely remember puking then eating it.”

ID: 1563051

18. “I’m not even sure whose bra this is.”

ID: 1563088

19. “If I shut my eyes I can still hear techno beats.”

ID: 1563141

20. “A thousand bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches couldn’t make this right.”

ID: 1563154

21. “Crap, did someone write something on my back? I can’t read.”

ID: 1563247

22. “I’m not sure if I’m hungover or still drunk.”

ID: 1563025

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