29 Dogs Who Forgot How To Dog

OK, who broke the dog?

1. No, dog. That’s not how you take a nap.

ID: 1497201

2. That’s not how you eat your dinner.

ID: 1497762

3. Dog. This is not how you welcome your human home after a long day.

ID: 1497637

4. You’re supposed to stick your head out the window.

ID: 1499123

5. This isn’t how you play, dog. Try fetch.

ID: 1497567

6. OK, maybe fetch is a little out of your league.

ID: 1497579

7. Dogs don’t pee like this.

ID: 1499284

8. How… how… did you even get into this position, dog?

ID: 1497641

9. This is not how we go for walks.

ID: 1497645

10. This is not how we beg for treats.

ID: 1497681

11. And this is certainly not how we use the doggy door.

ID: 1497796

12. Dog. YOU are supposed to protect the homestead.

ID: 1497651

13. And that trap was for the raccoons.

ID: 1497630

14. That’s a great seal impression but you are a DOG, dog.

ID: 1497576

15. Dog.

ID: 1497655

16. Not how we go for rides.

ID: 1497696

17. Not how we ask to come inside.

ID: 1497864

18. Not what I meant when I said “sit.”

ID: 1498013

19. Dog?

ID: 1497593

20. Are you OK?

ID: 1497633

21. You don’t look so good, dog. Maybe you should sit down.

ID: 1497788

22. NOT like that, dog!

ID: 1497839

23. Go play outside.

ID: 1497562

24. Have a snack.

ID: 1497755

25. Go for a walk.

ID: 1497602

26. DOG!

ID: 1498109

27. Cut that OUT!

ID: 1497771


ID: 1497954

29. All right. You win this time.

ID: 1497585

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