26 Closed Captions That Keep TV Interesting

I’m going to start watching all my shows with the sound off.

1. Politics are certainly more interesting with closed captions.

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2. They make commercials much more impactful.

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3. They really keep you invested in tennis matches.

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4. Really invested.

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5. They never take a break, not even during silent films like The Artist.

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6. They add emphasis to statements you may have otherwise missed.

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7. They help set the tone.

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8. They send strong messages.

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9. They’re informative.

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10. This is what happened when a bowl fell off a table in Archer:

ID: 1175421

11. They know how to keep things light-hearted.

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12. They alert you of important developments!

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13. They’re not afraid to focus on the grisly details.

ID: 1176129

15. They’re masters of double-speak.

ID: 1176136

16. They offer a jarring new perspective.

ID: 1176138

17. They speak the truth when others are afraid to.

ID: 1176214

18. They’re cheeky.

ID: 1175410

19. They’ve got your back when you’re watching TV with your parents.

ID: 1175442

20. They are in no way presumptuous about alternative name spelling.

ID: 1176266

21. They’re masters of colorful description.

ID: 1176295

22. They’re not afraid to tell it how it is.

ID: 1176370

23. They’re truly adept at thought-provoking juxtaposition.

ID: 1176329

24. They’re unintentionally respectful.

ID: 1177645

25. They’re so damn literal.

ID: 1176393

26. But really, they’re just silly.

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