22 Babies Sick Of Being Upstaged By Their Pets

The struggle for who’s the cutest can get ugly.

1. This baby just wants people to notice her like they used to before they got a kitten.

ID: 1091193

2. This baby wishes her duckling would shut up for two seconds so people could hear what she has to say.

ID: 1089201

3. This baby forgot how to act natural.

ID: 1091234

4. This baby wishes she didn’t have to share her blanket with these puppies.

ID: 1091287

5. This baby feels like his outfits are never cute enough anymore.

ID: 1091315

6. This baby is wondering if he’ll ever measure up to his dog.

ID: 1097362

7. This baby is telling her dog about all her insecurities.

ID: 1097029

8. This baby has decided he’s never taking another photo with this dumb dog because he always ends up looking like the less cute one.

ID: 1096941

9. This baby hopes giving snout kisses make him seem more sensitive.

ID: 1091343

10. This kid can’t believe how low he’s stooped to seem adorable.

ID: 1097008

11. This baby remembers when he was the one who took people’s breath away.

ID: 1097028

12. This baby wishes he thought of the ear-kisses trick.

ID: 1097011

13. This baby is realizing he would rather hang out with chickens because they make him seem cuter by comparison.

ID: 1097014

14. This baby will do anything to seem more interesting than his cat.

ID: 1097019

15. This baby resorted to disfiguring his own cat to make himself feel better.

ID: 1097025

16. These babies can’t believe this dog is messing up their hair right before a photo.

ID: 1097026

17. This baby doesn’t know how to deal with a cat that has all the moves.

ID: 1097023

18. This baby has given up trying; the dog always wins.

ID: 1097038

19. This baby feels as though her dog is holding her back from reaching her potential.

ID: 1097059

20. This baby just wants attention and will do anything to get it.

ID: 1098290

21. This baby needs to reclaim the spotlight by any means possible.

ID: 1097361

22. This kid figures if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

ID: 1097063

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