37 Animals Who Failed So Spectacularly They Almost Won

Maybe next time, animals.

1. This kitty who was so close yet so far.

ID: 3079544

2. This little puppy who tried to reach new heights.

ID: 3079563

3. This cat whose only crime was getting a little thirsty.

ID: 3079624

4. This hungry husky.

ID: 3079591

5. This cat who knew camping was a bad idea.

ID: 3079602

6. This dog whose only mistake was treating himself.

ID: 3079964

7. This little deer who just need a little more iron in her diet.

ID: 3079554

8. This dog who tried to make fetch happen.

ID: 3079632

9. This kitty who should never have trusted the tiny human.

ID: 3079579

10. This dog who is also a turtle.

ID: 3079946

11. This cat who is done with play time.

ID: 3079753

12. This puppy who ate his last bee.

ID: 3079738

13. This cat who severely underestimated.

ID: 3079653

14. This dog who really didn’t measure right.

ID: 3079934

15. This cat who delayed the inevitable.

ID: 3079772

16. This fish out of water.

ID: 3079852

17. This cat who just needs a breather.

ID: 3079810

18. This (out of) service dog.

ID: 3079842

19. This cat who has no idea how she got herself in this predicament.

ID: 3079822

20. This corgi who is probably still doing this right now.

ID: 3079938

21. This cat who forgot how to cat.

ID: 3079828

22. This dog who should look before he leaps.

ID: 3079894

23. This cat who could stand to lose a few pounds.

ID: 3079865

24. This kitten who just can’t anymore.

ID: 3079903

25. This fashion-forward dog.

ID: 3079914

26. This dog whose dreams of going pro were squashed before they even started.

ID: 3079918

27. This dog who never did catch his shadow.

ID: 3079943

28. This dog who literally got the shit scared out of him.

ID: 3079982

29. This bear who seriously lost his cool.

ID: 3080049

This dog who will never live this down.

ID: 3079990

30. This cat who will apparently never learn.

ID: 3080034

31. This puppy who’s still not sure what the heck just happened.

ID: 3080135

32. This dog who has no idea how he got here.

ID: 3080005

33. This kitten who had a few too many.

ID: 3080066

34. This dog with butterfingers.

ID: 3080071

35. This cat who’s going nowhere fast.

ID: 3080084

36. This hump-happy hound.

ID: 3080140

37. And this cat who got a liiitle too cozy.

ID: 3080150

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