22 Alluring Pics Of Fall Foliage That Will Help You Get Over Summer

Forget summer. You’re onto bigger and better things.

2. Heard you were bummed that summer’s ending.

3. Well, there’s a new season in town.

5. And she’s quite a looker.

6. Not saying your opinion of fall should depend solely on aesthetics.

7. Clearly you’re a much deeper person than that.

8. Just saying, fall is preeetty beautiful.

9. Kinda makes you wonder why you ever loved summer in the first place, doesn’t it?

10. Summer doesn’t have these robust colors.

15. Like shining golden leaves.

16. And colorful confetti foliage.

17. And a fiery mystery that only exists from September to November.

18. Seriously. Who needs summer?

20. Really, you’re going to be happy summer’s over.

22. Helloooooooooo fall.


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