22 Alluring Pics Of Fall Foliage That Will Help You Get Over Summer

Forget summer. You’re onto bigger and better things.

1. Hey there, sad friend.

ID: 1642886

2. Heard you were bummed that summer’s ending.

ID: 1642898

3. Well, there’s a new season in town.

ID: 1642977

5. And she’s quite a looker.

ID: 1643000

6. Not saying your opinion of fall should depend solely on aesthetics.

ID: 1643052

7. Clearly you’re a much deeper person than that.

ID: 1643030

8. Just saying, fall is preeetty beautiful.

ID: 1642927

9. Kinda makes you wonder why you ever loved summer in the first place, doesn’t it?

ID: 1643064

10. Summer doesn’t have these robust colors.

ID: 1643133

12. What’s summer got? Some grass? Some sun?

ID: 1643265

13. PAH!

ID: 1643300

14. Fall’s got that AND SOME.

ID: 1643391

15. Like shining golden leaves.

ID: 1643395

16. And colorful confetti foliage.

ID: 1643436

17. And a fiery mystery that only exists from September to November.

ID: 1643448

18. Seriously. Who needs summer?

ID: 1643401

19. You’re so much better off.

ID: 1643304

20. Really, you’re going to be happy summer’s over.

ID: 1643440

21. Fuck summer.

ID: 1643450

22. Helloooooooooo fall.

ID: 1644921

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