17 Animals Who Look More Fab In Their Christmas Sweaters Than You Ever Will

You tried. But these animals succeeded.

1. This fashionable feline.

ID: 2188722

2. This bunny who inspired England to call sweaters “jumpers.”

ID: 2188742

3. This snake that proves you don’t need arms to look thisss ssstylisssh.

ID: 2188687

4. This rat who took his look from subway drab to runway fab.

ID: 2188802

5. These kitties who look litterally cuter than you.

ID: 2188841

6. This puppy went from husky to hunky.

ID: 2188850

7. This cat whose style is fur real.

ID: 2188899

8. These chickens who look like the cock of the walk.

ID: 2189640

9. This kitty who looks like a dream in her sweater.

ID: 2190253

10. This pup that has serious doxie moxie.

ID: 2189732

11. This dog who takes the ug out of pug.

ID: 2189750

12. This kitten who looks just purrrfect.

ID: 2190139

13. This cold-blooded, hot lookin’ turtle.

ID: 2190228

14. This cat who clawed his way to the top of the fashion world.

ID: 2190210

15. This ferret who proves turtlenecks aren’t just for turtles.

ID: 2190214

16. This bird with eggcellent style.

ID: 2190237

17. This dog who makes your sweater look ruff by comparison.

ID: 2190365

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