Yu Darvish Loses Perfect Game On Ridiculous Umpire Call

Yu was robbed.

1. Yu Darvish was cruising Monday with a perfect game in the sixth inning when he thought he had his 12th strikeout. Umpire Ron Kulpa thought otherwise.

ID: 1499048

2. Of course, you know where this is headed. Yu walked the next batter, losing the shot at perfection.

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3. And catcher A.J. Pierzynski ran his mouth off and got ejected by Kulpa.

ID: 1499078

4. Yu kind of laughed off the whole thing because what can he really do when an umpire interrupts what was a really stellar pitching performance?

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5. The coolest part of the whole thing was when Kulpa actually followed after Pierzynski and got in his face. Very professional.

ID: 1499099

6. Here’s the entire sequence. Yu finished the inning with the no-hitter intact, but the perfecto was long gone.

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7. Yu lost the no-no (and shutout) in the eighth after Carlos Corporan went deep. This did not change the fact that Ron Kulpa clearly hates baseball.

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