This Was The Worst Inning For A Major League Catcher In 26 Years

Ryan Lavarnway, welcome to the record books.

1. Boston catcher Ryan Lavarnway had a bad game last night. Like, a historically bad game.

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2. Catchers can live with one passed ball, especially when your pitcher is a knuckleballer.

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3. Two in one inning isn’t the end of the world.

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4. OK, three in one inning is a bit much now.

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5. But FOUR in one inning? That’s only happened two other times in baseball history.

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6. The last such victim was Geno Petralli in 1987, who was catching knuckleballer Charlie Hough.

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7. The pitcher, Steven Wright, even threw a wild pitch for good measure. (Bless the scorekeeper for not ruling it a passed ball and putting Lavarnway in the record books for five in one inning.)

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8. Sure, it was a rough night for Lavarnway behind the plate, but his two-run double in the fifth did give Boston its first lead of the game. That’ll do.

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