This Was The Worst Inning For A Major League Catcher In 26 Years

Ryan Lavarnway, welcome to the record books.

1. Boston catcher Ryan Lavarnway had a bad game last night. Like, a historically bad game.

2. Catchers can live with one passed ball, especially when your pitcher is a knuckleballer.

3. Two in one inning isn’t the end of the world.

4. OK, three in one inning is a bit much now.

5. But FOUR in one inning? That’s only happened two other times in baseball history.

6. The last such victim was Geno Petralli in 1987, who was catching knuckleballer Charlie Hough.

7. The pitcher, Steven Wright, even threw a wild pitch for good measure. (Bless the scorekeeper for not ruling it a passed ball and putting Lavarnway in the record books for five in one inning.)

8. Sure, it was a rough night for Lavarnway behind the plate, but his two-run double in the fifth did give Boston its first lead of the game. That’ll do.

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