This Was One Of The Worst Strike Calls In Baseball History

Angel Hernandez might be ruled legally blind today.

1. With the U.S. and Dominican Republic tied at 1-1 in the ninth inning of a critical World Baseball Classic game last night, umpire Angel Hernandez called this a strike.

2. Except it was clearly not a strike.

3. In real time, it definitely doesn’t look like a strike.

4. MLB Network’s own Strike Zone said it was not a strike.

5. The PITCHf/x data had it a half-foot outside.

6. Twitter collectively agreed it was not a strike.

13. Erick Aybar certainly did not think it was a strike.

14. Likewise, the Dominican Republic bench somewhat disagreed with Hernandez’s assessment.

15. On third base, Nelson Cruz was also incredulous.

16. One pitch later, though, Aybar got the game-winning hit.

17. Revenge? You’re damn right.

18. (For the record, not to take away from Angel Hernandez, but Eric Gregg’s umpiring during the 1997 NLCS is the worst there has ever been or will ever be.)

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