The Most Terrifying Mascot In All Of Sports

Is it a cotton ball? A marshmallow? Doesn’t matter, this Canadian curling mascot will haunt your dreams.

1. Here’s “Scotties Little Softie,” the official mascot of Canada’s women’s curling championships, during last year’s tournament.

ID: 910041

2. For the uninitiated, Scotties is a brand of tissues sold in Canada.

ID: 910051

3. Why a tissue company requires its mascot to have lifeless, nightmare-inducing eyes is anyone’s guess.

ID: 910058

4. And yet, here’s Scotties Little Softie making yet another unwelcome appearance at today’s curling championships. Good from far …

ID: 910062

5. Up close, nightmares. Nothing but nightmares.

ID: 910068

6. Curling really is fantastic …

ID: 910148

7. … but Scotties Little Softie has got to go.

ID: 910180

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