The Best GIFs Of NFL Week 17: Let Me Be Your Hero

Featuring Cam Newton making one kid’s year, Aaron Rodgers rising to the occasion, and all the best moments from the final week of the 2013 regular season.

1. Cam Newton Makes A Young Fan Very Happy

ID: 2207148

2. Make Some Noise*! (*Except If You Own The Team)

ID: 2207143

3. A.J. Green Makes Every Baltimore Defender Look Bad

ID: 2207117


ID: 2207139

5. Jared Allen Came This Close To A Touchdown

ID: 2207118

6. Ugly, But It Counts: Pick-Six Edition

ID: 2207119

7. Ryan Succop Would Like A Moment By Himself, Please

ID: 2207120

8. If He Only Had A Heart

ID: 2207140

9. The Referee Was Quite Fond Of That Hat, Actually

ID: 2207121

10. Finally, A Saint That Drew Brees Is Taller Than

ID: 2207137

11. All Those Yards, Gone Forever

ID: 2207132

12. Marvin Jones Has Better Concentration Than You

ID: 2207125

13. Mike Tolbert Won’t Be Brought Down So Easily

ID: 2207126

14. So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish, Metrodome

ID: 2207142

15. Helmet-Optional Football Would Be So Freakin’ Dangerous

ID: 2207127

16. Geno Smith Goes Head Over Heels

ID: 2207129

17. Another High Jump That Didn’t Turn Out So Well

ID: 2207130

18. Frozen Shirtless Giants Bros Are Frozen

ID: 2207141

19. Welcome Back Aaron Rodgers, Who Wins The NFC North On This TD Pass

ID: 2207122

20. The Thrill Of Victory

ID: 2207131

21. Short Men Can “Dunk”

ID: 2207138

22. NFC South Title? No. 2 Seed? Alright, Alright

ID: 2207134

23. Reggie Bush, Still Kinda The Same Runner He Was In College

ID: 2207135

24. Get A Jump On Your 2014 Fantasy Football Draft

ID: 2207147

25. One Football, Three Seahawks, Zero Interceptions

ID: 2207144

26. Football Means Family

ID: 2207146

27. Giants-Redskins, In One Facial Expression

ID: 2207145

28. The Saddest TV Moment Of The Year

ID: 2207136

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